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So far, a waste of money.

I have tried on 4 different occasions to run this program to conduct a full scan, and once to do a quick scan. Each attempt resulted in the fan on my 09 macbook pro (running Lion) working harder than ever before, the program gets stuck at a certain percentage point, and I must force quit the program. Useless. Disappointed. If I could get my money back, I would.

Best choice for MAC

This utility/program works great, does what it says. As far as the more expensive live virus scanners (including one by this same company) with yearly license fees, they do not seem to be necessary for the Mac. Having use a number of Macs extensively for both business and personal, tons of internet usage on dangerous sites, I ran this software and they did not report a single virus or problem on any of my computers. Goes to show the difference between Macs and PCs. Still, it is well worh buying this one-time-purchase-cost software to know for sure, and to check periodically, that your computer is still safe. Though they dont seem to advertise this software on their own website (advertising the much more expensive and ongoing-cost live virus scanner software), I think it is very admirable that Kaspersky has created this software and sell it this way (and no yearly fees) - for Macs, I recommend this as the best choice (and Kaspersky makes the best anti-virus software in general). Thanks Kaspersky

Many lame sounds

It seems like a basic scanner that makes a bunch of annoying sounds that cannot be disabled.

Scan freezes - DONT BUY

Before buying the app I red the comments of other users. Some say that the scan is unable to complete and I tought that because my system is recent and up to date I wouldnt have that kind of trouble... WRONG! I have the same problem and Kaspersky support team doesnt answer to my support inquiry. I red many of there troubleshooting articles but nothing succeed. Dont buy this; if it cant complete a scan process its useless.


A good scanning app, except, when in full scan on my MacBookAir, it stops on 95% and wont go any further. From what I could see ( or understand), the scan stops at a "lobster.ru" file. I am a bit concerned that I may have a virus. Just bought it this January, and am still learning Mac system. All my previous laptops were pcs. Quick scan seems to work just fine. If anyone can advise as to what the problem may be, it would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards, Dan ****** New Review - Apr.6, 2012 I guess some one did read my comment from previous review, and I am pleased to say the virus scanner is working perfectly now. Good work guys !!! Regards; Dan

Grrr… doesnt support ML, hurry up!

Surely there could have been an update before ML launch...


Will no open after download i want my money BACK! THEY NEED AN UPDATE FAST!


I Keep getting an error that states… Please uninstall and Re-install via APP Store… I cant even scan my PC… Please fix!! K

Loved this till I updated to Mountain Lion

Great program by a trusted company. However after I upgraded to Mountain Lion everything went to hell. Program would not run and downloads of most recent version would neither compile, nor run on Mountain Lion. I am very disappointed with Kaspersky over this. A leading company in the area of biosecurity should not let themselves be caught so thoroughly unprepared by a software upgrade. They are leaving their loyal users no choice but to move to another security provider.

Needs update for Mountain Lion

This app does exactly what it is advertised to do, EXCEPT on Mountain Lion in which it will not open. Im not going to rate it one star as ML just released and there is hopefully going to be an update for it, as it was a great app on Lion. 3/5 stars There is a reason Apple gives developers access to the betas of OSs prior to public release, its to work out any bugs.


I want my money back. Downloads, doesnt install. says its damaged and re-download it. do that, still doesnt work.

do not even start in mountain lion !

Osx closes imediatly the app telling me to redownload since it is corrupted ! Did that 10 times with same results ! Cmon Kaspersk do your job and update the app

Waste of money & time!!!

instead of the application.opens a message saying its damage and re-download it,Im very disappointed,and the money?-WASTED


I purchased this app a rew days ago and now it tells me that it is not working, delete it and re-download it from the app store. How do I do that? The app store keeps telling me that the program is installed. Junk

Do Not Buy If Using Mountain Lion

When I had OSX Lion, this program worked just as it should but now that I have OSX Mountain Lion, it does not load at all. I dont know what the problem is or why Kaspersky has not provided its customers with an update to solve the problem yet. This is the only program I have that has had any problem since I upgraded to Mountain Lion. It has been long enough now that Kaspersky should be offering a refund to its customers who have paid for a product that does not work.

Same Problem, Wont Load

Ive been experiencing the same problem as other ML users. Software wont open after install, claiming that the installation is damaged and the software needs to be re-downloaded. However, uninstalling and re-downloading the software has no effect. No help on Kaspersky user forums, still waiting to hear back from tech support. I would strongly reccommend holding off on purchasing this software or simply using one of many free alternatives, at least until Kaspersky can get their act together and achieve basic compatibility with OS 10.8.

Wont launch on Mountain Lion

Ever since the update to Mountain Lion, this app will not launch. Ive reinstalled, read the forums but there doesnt seem to be a fix. Wouldnt recommend downloading this app.

Does not run on Mountain Lion

This worked fine until I upgraded to Mountain Lion. Now it says I have to re-install. I have done this a number of times to no avail. Do not purchase this until they upgrade (that is IF they upgrade because it has been a while) if you are using Mountail Lion.

too simple

this app only have basic tools.

How long does it take to fix it - over two months

Just a few hours after I posted my previous review, the long waited update, version 8.1.4, suddenly pops up on the App Store, and I am happy to report that it now works as before. Mountain Lion was release on July 25th, and the fix is available on Oct 9th, so either Kaspersky or Apple (or both) has to work a bit faster. I am not giving it 5-star because if you click on the App Store links, youll be directed to Kasperskys site with no mention of this product. It works, just not well supported. I hope the next OS upgrade wont leave us hanging for months. Granted there are very few Mac virus out there, but unfortunately my son is running Windows using Bootcamp on my Mac Pro. //*** Original review follows ***// Today is Oct 9, 2012, still no fix for Mountain Lion. I am not sure if Apple is holding it up or if Kaspersky has actually submitted the update to Apple, but as a responsible developer there should be some information update on their website. When I called them, the "support" person didnt even know this product exists. Really bad.

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